*MY* Child

So... I am literally only going to post ONE photo in this blog post.  And the reason behind it is simple... 

We recently took a trip to North Carolina, as our family does every year, and I wanted to get some great photos of my own kids with a gorgeous backdrop.  Because, well, Florida scenery is much different than that of North Carolina.  So, I asked them a few times to stop and pose for me whenever I saw some yummy sunlight, a beautiful mountain range, or a random field of wild flowers. 

THIS is the face that I get.. every. single. time

It is so difficult for me to get good pictures of my own kids!  And I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way.  As strange as it sounds, it is much easier to get your child to 'obey' a photographer's commands than their own parents.  And that is why I highly suggest hiring a professional photographer to capture your family photos, or at least your child's photos!